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Current Beer Offerings

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LUPUJUS 7 - New England IPA (7%)

Lupujus 7 is one of our Signature Series of New England Style IPAs and is the first of its style ever brewed in Montana. Honed over the years to produce everything hazy IPA drinkers love: beautifully turbid, super aromatic, with big tropical fruit flavors. At over 6lbs of hops per barrel, this is one of our most heavily hopped beers, but is done so in creative ways to minimize the bitterness of the hops and accentuate their juiciness. Strata, Citra + Mosaic T90/Cryo create overtones of passion fruit and ripe mango atop a soft and full mouthfeel.


Ubuntu - Robust Porter (7.5%)

The Bantu people of East and Southern Africa have a life philosophy called Ubuntu, which means, "we are because of each other." We use it as the motto of the brewery because it undergirds everything we try to do. Ubuntu robust porter is brewed with American base malt and carefully layered with 7 different specialty and roasted malts to produce a nuanced, deep, and rich beer.


Whole Hearted - Fruited Gose (6.3%)

Whole Hearted is our ongoing series of fruited kettle soured goses. This batch was blended with 35 pounds per barrel of a stellar fruit combination of prickly pear, lime, and tangerine, with livening acidity from our kettle souring process and complemented by a touch of sea salt to add a refreshing finish. Pouring this beer reveals a fluorescent pink-red color and beautifully complex fruit aromas.


Babington Plot - Burton Ale (6.5%)

After countless requests to brew this esoteric and historic English style ale, we finally caved! Maris Otter and numerous specialty English malts create a rich and caramelly foundation for EKG hops to deliver gentle herbaceous and spicy notes. However, no INBC beer is safe from our experimental meddling, so we dry hopped this beer with Eureka! hops. Eureka!'s dark jammy fruit character rounds out the sweet caramel notes from the malt, making this beer quite the cozy sipper.


Freedom Fighter - West Coast India Pale  Ale (6.8%)

Freedom Fighter is our beloved house IPA, and for its long awaited return, we’re releasing the OG west coast version!! Brewed with American 2-row and pilsner malts, hopped generously with 5 lbs. per barrel of Centennial T90, Simcoe T90/Cryo, and a touch of Mosaic Cryo, then fermented with a clean American yeast strain, this is the crisp and bright version of our original house IPA. Expect hefty hop notes of orangey citrus, pine, and resin, with soft stone fruit notes that clean from the palate with a refreshing snappy bitterness and a simple honey cracker malt backbone.

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Haven - Golden Pale Ale (6%)

Haven Golden Pale Ale is a collaboration with Learning With Meaning. Their mission, to create a community based learning environment, respectful of all individuals, learning styles, families and backgrounds, parallels our own mission here at INBC.  This inevitable collaboration comes to fruition with a beautiful golden colored pale ale brewed with Montana grown barley before being dosed with a tasteful amount of Mosaic, Amarillo, and Montana-grown El Dorado hops. We taste Navel orange, citrus zest, honeydew, and a subtle bouquet of tropical fruits that finishes dry and quenching.


Corcovado - Sparkling Ale (5.5%)

Corcovado is a magical place in Rio de Janeiro, where, up by the famous statue of Christ, you can look out upon one of the most incredible cities and landscapes in the world. This sparkling ale is our version of the perfect ale to sit on the beach in Ipanema. Brewed with German Pilsner and Scottish Golden Promise and touched off with noble hops, if you are looking for your next great light beer love, you’re in the right place. Gluten Reduced with love.


All Rise Double NEIPA (7.9%)

Brewed with the palest pilsner malt we could find and piles of oats, this beer is a radiant turbid yellow. We then dosed it with a whopping 6 lbs per barrel of Citra, Australian Galaxy, and New Zealand Freestyle Farms Motueka hops, imparting punchy and saturated notes of passionfruit, peach, lime, and pine sap.


Cymatic Hard Seltzer - Rotating Flavors  (4.8%)

The time has finally come for Imagine Nation Brewing Company to dabble into the wild world of hard seltzers. Fermented simply and carefully, the base seltzer is clean and dry, creating a blank canvas upon which we can experiment with flavors and infusion methods.  Cymatic Hard Seltzer is being released in different rotating flavors, and (currently) available only in our taproom.

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