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A Message to the Community
June 27, 2022

We are thrilled to announce that Imagine Nation Brewing is under contract! Understanding the value INBC has to the local community, we have worked hard over the past 6 months to not only identify the right people, but to find the perfect people who can take over the company. Tim and Annie Graham possess both a long-standing passion for the Imagine Nation mission and the capacity to expand the brand so that the legacy of the country's first combination of microbrewery and center for community transformation not only continues but evolves in ways to maximize its positive impact. Local Missoulians, Tim and Annie are the founders of Cymatic Fermentation Project and of Learning With Meaning, respectively, and have given years of service to the Missoula community.

During the current transition, they have demonstrated an endless openness to learn from the team while finding constructive ways of immersing themselves in the INBC culture, as well as an incredible level of support for current staff and operations while employing creativity for growing the company.  
A few notes on the transition and what to expect:
1. Robert and Fernanda will remain on as support until the end of August to ensure a healthy transition;
2. All INBC staff, including the production team, will continue employment to ensure that world-class-rated beer quality and impeccable service remain intact. 
3. The taproom at 1151 W. Broadway will remain open during the transition and the look and feel will continue to be the same after closing, including the name and brand.
4. All beer produced in the future will continue to carry the Imagine Nation name. Tim and Annie will also produce hard seltzer under the name Cymatic. All of these beverages will be produced for local consumption at the current INBC taproom, along with increased production for distribution at their state-of-the-art facility on W. Harrier by the Missoula Airport where Tim and Annie will also use the space as a designated event center.   
We are deeply grateful that Tim and Annie have entered our lives and have chosen to pick up the Imagine Nation mantle to launch the vision into the future. When you see them, please join us in welcoming Tim and Annie as the new owners of Imagine Nation. It has been an incredible honor to serve the Missoula community alongside all of you, who, in so many ways, form the best of what this community has to offer. We will take the memories of all of you with us as we return to international humanitarian work. Thank you for 7 years of creating beauty together. 
In gratitude,
Fernanda and Robert


The INBC transcends how a brewery serves a community by being the first in the country to include a center for community transformation. Through craft beer and education, the INBC is a unique model of celebration and dialogue, envisioned to joyfully address the challenges of our time and fuel social change in Missoula, Montana, and beyond.

Have a look around and if you're in Missoula, please stop by and see us!

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