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Mon - Thur: 12pm - 8pm

Fri -Sun: 12pm - 8pm

Current Beer Offerings

We work hard to keep our beers fresh and  do our best to keep this list update. 
As we are a popular micro-brewery with a passionate fan base, these beverages are subject to selling out without notice.
We appreciate your understanding!

8° Plato Czech-style Pilsner (3.5%)

8 Plato showcases well integrated herbaceous and citrus notes atop a malty backbone, with an elegant effervescence and incredibly crisp finish.

Cymatic Hard Seltzer - Rotating Flavors (4.8%)

Fermented simply and carefully, the base seltzer is clean and dry, creating a blank canvas upon which we can experiment with flavors and infusion methods.

Dark Matter - American Stout (5.7%)

Dark Matter is the quintessential American Stout, deep black color, with a pale tan head.

Double Supreme – Double New England style - IPA (8.2%)

Double Supreme is our once-a-year DDH double NEIPA in our series dedicated to RBG.

Freedom Fighter - West Coast Style India Pale Ale (6.8%)

Freedom Fighter is our beloved West Coast house IPA. It is a classic, crisp and bright interpretation, with a hoppiness that's just right for the style.

Available on tap and to-go!

Hyperspace - Mango Milkshake NEIPA (6.2%)

Hyperspace is our Milkshake NEIPA series showcasing different fruit and hop pairings with lactose and was the first of its kind in Montana.

Joy Awakened - Kolsch (4.8%)

Joy Awakened is a nod to the great Albert Einstein and is brewed scrupulously with adherence to the German beer purity law, Reinheitsgebot and inspired by the wonderfully quaffable ales of Cologne Germany.

Lupujus 5 - New England style IPA (5.5%)

Lupujus 5 is the most crushable of our Signature Series of brightly flavored and juicy New England IPAs.

Lupujus Ø (zero) Non-Alcoholic New England India Pale Ale (<0.5%)

A monumental milestone for Imagine Nation Brewing Company and the first non-alcoholic beer brewed in the state of Montana, we're proud to debut Lupujus Ø.

Midnight Choir - Passionfruit Gose (5%)

Midnight Choir is our Gose series that blends a hefty dose of a singular fruit into a simple, dry, and clean Gose base.

One Big World - Red IPA (6.5%)

One Big World Red IPA is our way of celebrating the changing of seasons. This beer is meant to help bridge the gap into the cold season; best enjoyed while admiring the autumn colors and anticipating an adventurous winter with friends and family.

Schmetterling - German Inspired IPA (6.5%)

Schmetterling is an imaginative endeavor to brew a contemporary tasting IPA using 100% German ingredients as well as adhering to Reinheitsgebot (German beer purity law), which only permits the use of water, barley, and hops.

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