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Mon - Wed: 2pm - 8pm

Thurs - Sun: 12pm - 8pm

Current Beer Offerings

We work hard to keep our beers fresh and  do our best to keep this list update. 
As we are a popular micro-brewery with a passionate fan base, these beverages are subject to selling out without notice.
We appreciate your understanding!

Warp Speed - West Coast IPA (6.8%)

Warp Speed boasts huge flavor with a lovely resinous hoppy kick, finishing dry and firmly bitter to compel the next sip.

Army Of Dreamers Mexican Amber Lager (4.8%)

Lagered for over 2 months to facilitate a clean, bright, crisp color, with notes of bread crust, and a touch of caramel sweetness, with a gentle touch of spice from the hops.

Cymatic Hard Seltzer - Rotating Flavors (4.8%)

Fermented simply and carefully, the base seltzer is clean and dry, creating a blank canvas upon which we can experiment with flavors and infusion methods.

ERAS West Coast Pilsner (5.7%)

Hoppy beer has entered its lager era. Our award winning West Coast Pilsner is an contemporary American style, based on traditional European Pilsners, and enchanted with a selection of modern hops.

Fail Again Fail Better English Dark Mild Ale (3.3%)

Fail Again Fail Better is a perfect brew for mixing things up while keeping it light.

Freedom Fighter - West Coast Style India Pale Ale (6.8%)

Freedom Fighter is our beloved West Coast house IPA. It is a classic, crisp and bright interpretation, with a hoppiness that's just right for the style.

Haven Golden Pale Ale (5.5%)

Haven Golden Pale Ale is a collaboration with Learning With Meaning, alternative school. This light ale has a beautiful golden colored pale ale maltiness and a subtle bouquet of tropical fruits.

Liberator W.E. Coast Hazy IPA (6.8%)

Liberator is our flagship W.E. Coast Hazy IPA.
A hazy IPA with a depth of citrus, passion fruit, and dank pine hop flavors and aromas that remind us of both West Coast and New England IPAs in a way that earns this beer its own unifying style (W.E. Coast IPA).

Liminal Space All Simcoe New England Style IPA (7.2%)

Simcoe offers classic citrus, pine, and earthy qualities found in old school IPAs, while also exhibiting strong tropical and fruity notes found in more contemporary hoppy beers.

Lupujus 7 - New England Style IPA (7%)

Lupujus 7 is Montana’s original NEIPA. Honed over 7 years to produce everything juicy IPA drinkers love: brilliantly hazy and intensely aromatic, with immense tropical fruit flavors.

Lupujus ZERO Non-Alcoholic New England IPA(<0.5%)

A monumental milestone for Imagine Nation Brewing Company created from the ground up and the first non-alcoholic beer brewed in the state of Montana, we're proud to debut Lupujus ZERO.

Saideira Brazilian Inspired Lager (4.5%)

Saideira Brazilian Lager is our equivalent to sunshine in a glass! It's a refreshing pale lager that has a light, crisp wafer maltiness, accompanied by noble floral and zippy lime.

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